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Aggies Celebrate making Deviles Blue

Posted Tuesday, September 22, 2009 by Shannon Allen

Aggies celebrate making Devils blue


Published September 22, 2009

ATTALLA — New coach Joel Poole became the first Albertville head football coach since Vernon Wells to guide the Aggies to a win over Etowah, and he accomplished it in playing conditions the legendary Wells would probably love.

The Aggies edged Etowah 14-13 Friday night at James E. Glover Stadium for their first triumph in the series since a 27-6 decision in 1981.

A thunderstorm delayed kickoff for 75 minutes and drenched the turf, which had already received significant rainfall throughout the week.

Albertville’s sideline resembled a swamp, but it didn’t deter the Aggies (2-2, 1-2), who were determined to take home a victory.

“When we got here it was nasty,” Poole said. “They did a great job trying to get it ready, but it had rained down here all week.

“I told the linemen in pregame meetings this is going to be won in the trenches, and you know what, it was.”

AHS senior offensive lineman Zach Underwood loved the playing conditions.

“That’s a lineman’s dream right there,” he said.

“We kept our spirits up through the delay, just kept it light in the locker room, came out and just played hard.

“It’s great. A 28-year streak is over.”

Senior lineman Mikey Hood said the Aggies had been hearing about the so-called “Etowah curse” since the Saturday prior to the game.

“It’s good to finally get the monkey off your backs. It’s finally good to get a win,” Hood said.

Albertville senior linebacker/running back Addison Powell’s father, Brad, and uncle, Shannon Mayhall, contributed to the Aggies’ win in 1981.

“This one is just that much sweeter because it’s been since 1981,” Powell said.

“We came out and the line blocked awesome — we stayed in our big set the whole night — and it was fun. It was muddy and fun.

“It’s the muddiest game I’ve ever played in. It was hard to keep your feet and everything, but that’s what made it fun. It was a good challenge.”

Junior running back Tyree Roberts logged a career-high 40 carries for the Aggies. He gained 176 yards and scored two touchdowns.

“Once it started raining we changed up our game strategy, and they were feeding me the ball,” Roberts said.

“It’s real tough (to play in these conditions). Your hands get all muddy, and it’s hard to hold onto the ball. The ball gets slippery, and they’re trying to strip it and people are hitting you.

“It’s hard to hold on, but I held on. I fumbled a couple of times, but I held on for most of it.”

Poole said, “I was proud of our backs, because that’s the guys who usually like to have their arms and hands clean. The linemen really don’t usually care.

“It rained every day during spring training, so it was a good test.

“In the dressing room, it was a hundred degrees and so humid. Down here it was nasty and wet.

“I told them the team that gets through those hurdles is going to win, and that’s what happened. We came through and won.

“Our kids have worked so hard since spring all the way to now, and they deserve a win like this. They’ve worked so hard, and I’m proud for them.”

Roberts was pleased for his team, school and community.

“It feels good, because everybody’s been talking about it,” Roberts said.

“I got people coming up to me at school, ‘Are y’all going to win? Is it worth my time coming to the game?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, it’s worth your time. We’re going to win. We’re going to show y’all a good time,’ and we did.”

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